Shirley Quan-Watkins

Say hello to Shirley!

Say hello to @ShirleyQWatkins. Former veterinarian. Animal lover. Loving wife and full-time mother to three kids, one cat, two dogs, four birds and one horse. Twitterbot!

Who is she?

Shirley is my first attempt at creating a social agent to support and enhance learning, more specifically veterinary nursing students in online, face-to-face and blended learning vocational learning contexts. Shirley could be an example of a typical client who they would be engaging with in their workplace, a client who owns a range of pets that require a broad range of treatments.

Why Shirley and why are you doing this?

I'm interested in exploring aspects of social learning with technology, particularly the use of agents to encourage cooperation, communication and collaboration between learners as well as perform administrative functions. Shirley could also serve as one aspect of additional support provided to disengaged learners or learners at risk.

What does she currently do?

Currently, Shirley is based on the Make your own Twitterbot blog post by @zachwhalen. She's very primitive and can only compose and send tweets based a prescribed vocabulary at a specified frequency. Shirley was also inspired by Incorporating Agent Technology for Enhancing the Effectiveness of E-learning System by N. Sivakumar, K. Vivekanandan, B. Arthi, S.Sandhya, Veenas Katta published in IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 8, Issue 3, May 2011.

What do you intend for her to do in the future?

In the next iterations, I intend to slowly increase Shirley's capability to:

  • react to tweets from followers
  • monitor, reply and provide answers to questions contained in tweets by making use of Wolfram Alpha answer engine developed by Wolfram Research.
  • compose and send:
    • coherent and thematically relevant tweets based on time, day, week, month and season
    • tweets of thematically relevant images and videos drawn from a pool of creative-commons licensed resources.

Rowan Peter – Saturday 5 April 2014

Contact me: rowan at rowanpeter dot com or @rowan_peter on Twitter

Contact Shirley: shirley at rowanpeter dot com or @ShirleyQWatkins on Twitter